Magnolia Burl


Magnolia Burl

Other designations
Magnolie Maser, Laurelia Sempervierens, Magnolie Maser, Magnolier, Cucumber Tree, Laurel Maser, Magnolia Burl, Magnolia gyökér, Magnolia czeczot, Магнолия коренище, Magnolija rebraš, magnolie kořenice, Magnolija rebraš, Magnolie radacina, Magnolia korenica, Magnolija s pegami, Magnolia koren, Магнолие корень, laurel chileno
Botanical name
Laurelia Sempervierens


9 m²

Max. width
25 cm
Max. length
156 cm
Min. width
25 cm
Min. length
156 cm

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